Dual Enrollment


High School students who would like to take college courses for credit no longer need to have a G.E.D. certificate to do so. They may attend and receive credit as a dual enrolled high school student. Many of our area home educated students accumulate a large number of college credits before they graduate from their home school. If you want your child to take courses for college credit from Virginia Western Community College or another community college, you must provide them with evidence that you are a home educator in good standing. That means that they want a copy of your letter from the school system acknowledging that you are currently home educating according to the law. If you are educating under the religious exemption statute, you will have to give them a copy of the school board’s response to your declaration. If you have trouble documenting this and you are a member of HSLDA, they will assist you in getting this accomplished. Beyond that, you just apply, register and pay for your classes like a regular college student.

In summary, home educators in our area are using all four of the teaching options outlined in the Home Instruction Law as well as the religious exemption and tutor options. The use of standardized tests is the most common means of evaluation. We have several certified teachers in our group who are willing to administer tests for others. They plan group testing in the spring of the year. Registration for this testing is usually in the January newsletter.

One of the criticisms of the 1984 law is that its effect is to transform a parental right into a parental privilege. As a privilege, home instruction is subject to evaluation and approval of the state. Although public school authorities have been fairly reasonable in the execution of the 1984 law in our area, we hasten to point out that administrations change and attitudes toward home education with them. With this, and the wide latitude of authoritative judgment given to public school superintendents by the law, we recommend that every home educating family apply for membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Your most responsible personal defense is to know and understand the law yourself in detail.

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