The Party’s Over….

The Party’s Over….

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I hope that moving from a fairly large home, with 31 years of accumulated stuff, to a home half that size, and in another town, will clearly account for where I have been for a couple of months! I hope that your holidays were wonderful….there is something about seeing faces that you don’t usually see that is so cheering at the holiday time.

In our large family — we have 14 adults now, and 24 kids — we have taken to doing almost every meal with paper products. I used to try to do the Christmas meal with my fine china, etc., but we have all decided that the hours of preparation for that, and the hours of clean up from that, are not the way we want to spend our few short hours together. Three of my kids come in from NC, SC, and AZ, and the window of time that we are all together is usually 1 to 2 days.

I have decided that I WILL use my fine china, but it will be done in smaller groups, and at quieter times of the year. Whoever invented paper products is probably a very rich man!!!

Thanks to my kids, we have some delectable stuff to eat! Instead of just Mom searching out good stuff for the holidays, there are six other couples who weigh in on what would be a fun treat for the whole crowd. Yum!!

Good food, great fellowship, lots of cousin time….what more could you ask of a holiday?!!

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