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  • The Party’s Over….
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    I hope that moving from a fairly large home, with 31 years of accumulated stuff, to a home half that size, and in another town, will clearly account for where I have been for a couple of months! I hope that your holidays were wonderful….there is something about seeing faces that you don’t usually see…

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  • Time Warp….
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    In August, my daughter and I took a short trip to Ireland — a gift from my husband, who knows that I love to travel, and have little opportunity to do so. We saw and experienced some of the things we expected to see there, but a few things really surprised me. One of our…

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  • On the Road Again
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    Homeschooling is a blessing.  I was reminded of that as a I shuttled my three kids from piano lessons (where we furiously flew through Spelling and Math, check, check) on to Swim Team practice where we’ll camp by the pool  with our books, Nooks, and computers and splash away the next 2 ½ hours.   Have…

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  • Fun with the boys…..
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    I have been teaching two of my granddaughters for three years now, and this year we added a couple more kids to the mix….I’m having a good time with that. BUT, I have long wanted to do something with my 5 grandsons who live in the NRV. This year they are 6, 7, and 8,…

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  • What hit me?
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    Wow, a month has gone by since I last entered a blog post about our homeschooling experience. In the mean time, EVERYTHING has started in full swing and I feel like I am in what Tapestry of Grace curriculum writer Marcia Sommerville calls “The Six Week Fog”. All my kids have started all their classes…

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  • Wow! It’s So Practical!
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    My family has been reading SUCH a good book after breakfast in the mornings. It is Bob Schultz’ book entitled, Created for Work — subtitled, “Practical Insights for Young Men.” Someone in our church recommended this to my son-in-law, and I’m so glad they did. I think I had vaguely heard of Bob Schultz’ work…

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  • Praying for Missionaries
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    I want to teach my children how to pray for missionaries, but at times I struggle to know what to pray beyond the general needs of safety and opportunity for the gospel, which is why I was thrilled to discover a list of specifics near the end of Randy Alcorn’s excellent novel  Safely Home, a…

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  • Minutes Saved….
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    School is in, and I am finding that I need to tighten things that I have let slip over the summer. Perhaps some of you are finding the same thing. One of the areas that always trips us up is the constancy of food preparation. Choosing what to have for each meal is a mind-draining…

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  • Learning to Carry On
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    As the time for starting school came nearer, each year, I would usually have one of two feelings that would assail me. I always looked forward to summer, and to the lifting of that schedule that had become to feel more like a straitjacket. But, after a summer of “freedom”, I really looked forward to…

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  • Schools started! Sort of….
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    “And we’re off….like a dirty shirt” my dad used to say as we’d scramble out the door for a family activity barely dressed and hardly  ready to go, herding out with our coats half on and hoping we hadn’t left a curling iron or the stove still on. Our first week of school this week,…

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  • A Good Thing….
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    One of the things that I greatly disliked, and STILL have trouble with, is the feeling of being pressured. Part of that is because I am a naturally lazy person, and have always looked for opportunities to slide into a chair and read. One of my daughters takes after her grandmother, who described herself as…

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  • GRHE Hits the Ball Field
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      Is your calendar already filling up for the school year?  We at GRHE  understand that attending home school conferences is hard  (and feeling guilty about not attending them is hard too!). That’s why this year we’ve decided to come to you.  Look for GRHE representatives in the bleachers at soccer practices this fall as…

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  • Flying Days!
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    Well, it’s happened again — a summer is rapidly slipping away, and I’ve still lots to accomplish before it is over. Thoughts like that have me hyper-ventilating when I wake up, and I need even more the blessed grace of the Lord to calm me down. MY summer has been packed, and when I say…

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  • Introductions
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    Hello Home schooling friends, I, Michelle Cordle, am one of the mom’s who has been appointed to share of my life as a mother of six, homeschooling through thick and thin. Even since my first discussion with Priscilla about helping with this blog, I have gone through some big highs and lows of daily life…

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  • Cousins Camp
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    This coming week is the 7th Annual Cousins Camp for the Trice family.  So, don’t expect much from me next week!  It always seems to involve a family reunion, too, because my daughter from Phoenix comes in, with her four kiddoes, and everyone wants time with Mike and Jenni. Cousins Camp is one of the…

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  • Good Books!
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    I am reading a book now that was published in 2008, but that was not on my radar then.  I am speaking of Alex and Brett Harris’ book called, Do Hard Things.  My kids were grown, and I read the blurb about it and thought, “How nice!”…..but felt like it was addressed to teens, and…

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  • Your Future Joys….
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    Dear Friends, Sometimes when I am talking to discouraged mothers — and, let’s face it, we are ALL discouraged from time to time, and some of us more than others — I want to show them their future. Of course, I can’t do that, but I can show you the “future” that has happened to…

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