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  • Hang Tight….
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    It is March already, and you have not killed anyone yet. PTL!! Some of you know what I mean…those of us that have had kids that press all the time. In case you are waffling, let me encourage you to keep that stiff upper lip, and don’t let the kids delude you into thinking they…

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  • The Perks….or Not!
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    The snow is still here — quite deep, in fact — and I expect to look out my window in a bit and see my grandkids playing there, as they did yesterday. They also did schoolwork yesterday. One of the little gals of the neighborhood was playing with them in the morning. When she found…

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  • Viva la Classics….
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    I have always thought that “the classics” should be taught in schools everywhere, and actually thought that this was being accomplished….maybe not in the public school, but certainly in the home schools and private schools. I didn’t see what the “back to classics” people were all about. Especially as a teacher I felt it necessary…

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  • It’s Not Fair….
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    So often we want encouragement from other people….someone to tell us that we are doing a GREAT job, and that no one could do it better, even though we have serious doubts about that. We want to feel that what we are doing is making a difference. On the other hand, we shrink from that…

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  • Break a Leg….
    Break a Leg….
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    It occurs to me that I did tell you I would get you some pictures from this year’s Cousins Camp. It has been a challenge for me, but I think I have a few you can see. We did three plays… With the little guys and gals we did a version of the story “Stone…

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  • Just Two…..
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    ….for where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 8:20 As we are nearing another fresh year, I am reminded again of the preciousness of shared prayer. Back in March of this year I urged you to be a praying woman — something that…

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  • Around the Homeplace…
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    It will be quiet here during Christmas. It is an “in law” Christmas this year, which means that my kids, where possible, spend their time with the “other side of the family.” When my oldest child got married, at the age of 28, he decided [planner that he is] to start out right in planning…

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  • Far Too Long….
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    If anyone is actually reading this blog, you might be excused for giving up on it by now. 😉 Having lost most of the active bloggers is a good reason for SOME delay, but not a good excuse for ALL the posts being halted, and I am sorry for that. If you think that this…

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  • Cousins Camp 2013
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    This year’s Cousins Camp was an absolute blast! The Phoenix cousins hauled in here on the 13th and the Charlotte cousins came up on the 15th, and the fun began. The night of the 15th, after an afternoon of catching up, we had a contra dance for the first time. For those of you who…

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  • Back from the Beach!
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    It has been a long, long time [at least it seems that way] since I have been to the beach. After the kids started doing it with their families, we kind of got out of the habit. But I spent around 8 years of my young childhood either a block from the beach, or a…

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  • Are You Feeling Mundane?
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    I recently read a little book entitled, The God of the Mundane, by Matt Redmond. As books go, it was kind of repetitive, but as I read it, I came upon many nuggets that I wanted to remember. Mr. Redmond was speaking about the emphasis that has been in this country for at least as…

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  • Help for Home Schoolers?
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    I did not mean for these posts to be mostly from me — but there it is!! The other bloggers are very busy ladies, and I am realizing the toll it takes on them. Having said that, all of you “out there” have come across many things that you have wanted to share with others…

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  • Our Freedoms
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    I don’t know about you, but the Romeikes situation has caused me to think a lot more seriously about the freedom that I take for granted. I know that we home schoolers have a lot to complain about…. That’s why we need to read more about people in other lands. People like “the persecuted church”;…

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  • Birthdays…..
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    I think I was at least 30 or more before I realized that the national obsession with birthdays was NOT the case the world over.  Here in America it is “normal” to celebrate birthdays, but how far back did that go?  I’m sure I could research that, but my real feeling, as I contemplate the…

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  • Leaving Home
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    On Saturday I was discussing with another mother the cultural tendency in America to move away from your parents.  When did it seem like a good idea to leave everything you have ever known, and strike out in a completely new place?  Well, it was already in place when I was growing up; when I…

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  • A Praying Woman
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    “Prayer is the true gauge of spiritual power.  To restrain prayer is a dangerous and deadly tendency.  This is a faithful saying: what you are upon your knees, you are really before your God.  What the Pharisee and the publican were in prayer was the true criterion of their spiritual state [Luke 18: 10-14].  You…

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  • Finishing Strong
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    To echo Priscilla’s post, I also come from a family that makes commitments and that likes to think they can follow through on them.  :> So here’s another go round for me on the mother’s homeschooling blog after a brief break to regroup in my own home school!  I also love the countdown until the…

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  • Doing It All
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    I come from a family that believes in carrying through…. If you promised to be somewhere at a certain time, then you had better keep that promise, even if you are running a temperature of 103. To be perfectly candid, that kind of attitude is really, really helpful. There are so many times in life…

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