Hang Tight….

Hang Tight….

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It is March already, and you have not killed anyone yet. PTL!! Some of you know what I mean…those of us that have had kids that press all the time.

In case you are waffling, let me encourage you to keep that stiff upper lip, and don’t let the kids delude you into thinking they have too much to do. [This is not for those few drill sergeants out there who really ARE asking too much — but for the major mass of us mothers who succumb all to easily to their whining.] Please continue to ask for a lot, and expect them to cough it up. They will grow up to thank you for it, and even more, to respect you for it, AND to imitate it with their children. Our kids can learn far more than we ask of them. We generally tend to err on the side of asking too little.

Does Janie have to do the dishes when she needs to finish that report? Of course….she can miss the movie that is planned because she did not plan wisely, but she needs to do her duty in the kitchen. A time or two of “hanging tight” on the rules you have laid down, and you life gets amazingly easier and more ordered. Your kids are what you let them be.

I generally like that John somebody in the newspaper who comments acerbically on the state of kids today, and gives tough advice. He doesn’t believe in godly spanking — and I disagree with him there, but he is a follower of the “hang tight — or tough” mentality. We need more kids who are prepared for a tough world. Let’s help them out with generous servings of toughness, and bushels of well-timed love.

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