• Hang Tight….
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    It is March already, and you have not killed anyone yet. PTL!! Some of you know what I mean…those of us that have had kids that press all the time. In case you are waffling, let me encourage you to keep that stiff upper lip, and don’t let the kids delude you into thinking they…

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  • The Perks….or Not!
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    The snow is still here — quite deep, in fact — and I expect to look out my window in a bit and see my grandkids playing there, as they did yesterday. They also did schoolwork yesterday. One of the little gals of the neighborhood was playing with them in the morning. When she found…

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  • Viva la Classics….
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    I have always thought that “the classics” should be taught in schools everywhere, and actually thought that this was being accomplished….maybe not in the public school, but certainly in the home schools and private schools. I didn’t see what the “back to classics” people were all about. Especially as a teacher I felt it necessary…

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  • It’s Not Fair….
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    So often we want encouragement from other people….someone to tell us that we are doing a GREAT job, and that no one could do it better, even though we have serious doubts about that. We want to feel that what we are doing is making a difference. On the other hand, we shrink from that…

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  • Break a Leg….
    Break a Leg….
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    It occurs to me that I did tell you I would get you some pictures from this year’s Cousins Camp. It has been a challenge for me, but I think I have a few you can see. We did three plays… With the little guys and gals we did a version of the story “Stone…

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