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This is a Friday morning, extra-curricular, cooperative learning experience for all ages which meets in downtown Salem area. Parent participation and a Statement of Faith is mandatory since this is a Christian, not-for-profit group. All fees are kept at a minimum.
Contact Joy Evans for more information   homeschooljoyx3@aol.com

There is a new co op starting  for the 2015/16 school year.  The Road Less Traveled Homeschool Academy is cafeteria styled group (come for one or all classes).  We will meet at Tabernacle Baptist Church on East Main Street, Salem.  We will lean on Charlotte Mason philosophies and are unapologetically Christian.  We will meet on Mondays  8:45-4:00 for two 14 week semesters and will offer Pre-K thru 12th grade academic classes and activities.  Handicraft and music will be offered also.
For more info The Road Less Traveled Homeschool Academy Facebook page has general information.
Contact person: Vera Wilson phone: 540.354.8350
REEL is a Christian homeschool group planned by members. We offer low cost enrichment classes. Students take part in multi-age group time, community service projects, field trips and planned social time events. Classes encourage critical thinking, hands on involvement, presentations, public speaking and team work.
Contacts: Becky and Leslie
Meetings: Fridays 8:45 am – 2:00 pm in Hollins area
Cost: No membership fees but class fees vary
Deadline for annual enrollment is in June.

WHO WE ARE-  A cooperative of Christian families using Tapestry of Grace (TOG) Curriculum. We have a vision to let our children see Christ’s work throughout history and let that give them the groundwork for the rest of their life.
Classes: History /Literature / Church/History/
Writing/ Geography/ Arts and activities for the younger students
Philosophy and government for the older students
Michelle Stevens Director
Phone # 540-588-3519 .
Meeting place- Calvary Memorial Church (may change TBA)
Meeting days/dates:Thursdays from 9am-1pm
Cost and/or enrollment fees: $5 per child over age 5 per semester
Facility fee TBA
P3 Homeschool Co-op

P3 is a Diapers to Diplomas Enrichment Co-op with Extra Love and Support for Moms! We are going into our 6th year in operation! We offer parent-graded academic classes for teens, which fit into ANY CURRICULUM you may be using, as well as a variety of academic and enrichment classes for our younger students.  Classes are taught by parents based on their own strengths and inclination.
Jill Shelton, Director
Location: Green Ridge Baptist Church, Roanoke
Co-op Day/Time: Mondays, 9:30-1 PM
Fees: $75 per family per year registration fee plus individual class fees.  The class fees range from $0-$5 per class per child.  Teachers try to keep the fees as low as possible.

SALT Co-op (Studying and Learning Together) consists of a group of Christian families desiring to share their expertise and knowledge in a Christ-centered environment to enhance the home education of their children. This collaboration allows for a balance between homeschooling and a traditional classroom, and gives each family the opportunity to serve, encourage, and support one another.
We meet at Rainbow Forest Baptist Church on Mondays beginning in August for two 17-week semesters. We focus on academic curriculum for grades K-12 and we currently offer science, social studies, and language arts for most grade levels. The number and variety of subjects (including electives) offered are determined by the size and needs of the co-op and are subject to change.
For more information, please visit our website at www.saltco-op.com. If you would like to sign up for an interview, please fill out the online application and someone will contact you.
RVHC is an inclusive, family-friendly co-op for children from birth through high school. Our classes are both academic and enrichment in nature. Moms teach and assist in classes.
Meeting place: Oakland Baptist Church, 3623 Roundhill Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24012
Meeting days/dates
Wednesdays 10 am to 2pm. Fall Term 9/2/15-11/18/15; Winter Term 1/6/16-3/9/16. Spring Term 4/6/16-6/1/16
Cost and/or enrollment fees.
Co-op registration $5 per family per term. Class enrollment-$0-$5 per class, maximum of $15 per child per term.
Contacts: Crystal Fink, Tami Conklin, Heather Vogel
Is your student prepared for a secular college?  This course helps prepare them through a survey of major philosophers evaluated from a Christian worldview.  We will focus on the presuppositions.
The course runs for 2 semesters on Tuesdays 1:00 -3:00 pm
Teacher:   Jim Soderberg
(Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Western Community College)
Meeting Place:  Center for Chiropractic Health, 1413 S. Colorado St., Salem
Cost:  $150 per semester.
Robert G. (Bob) Collins, M.D.
Rec:  high school juniors and seniors, MUST have Algebra I as prerequisite
Text:  Chemistry (Third Edition), Batdorf and Santopietro, BJU Press, 2009.   ISBN:  978-1-59166-540-3.  No lab or test manuals needed.
Course:  Two 17-week semesters emphasizing an interactive, experimental, and scientific approach to problem solving and current chemistry models.  This will be my 6th year teaching chemistry.
Max Class Size:  10 students
Meeting:  Tuesdays, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Sovereign Grace Community Church, 7300 Williamson Rd. (corner of Peters Creek), starting 18 Aug 2015.  I also will meet with interested students about every other Thursday to review material prior to tests.
Cost:  $260/semester (4 monthly payments of $65 acceptable)
 Description :   Basic physics.  Includes 2-D particle velocity and acceleration, circular motion, gravitation, work, energy, power, momentum, collisions, Newton’s laws on forces and torques, momentum, impulse, and harmonic motion.
 Prerequisites:  Completed Algebra 1.  Prefer High School chemistry and basic trigonometry as well.
Age or grade level:  Junior or Senior
Dates and times of the class:  Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 – 2:30
Location of the class:  Calvary Memorial Church, 2226 Colonial Ave SW, Roanoke, VA
Materials students need to provide:  Exploring Creation With Physics, Second Edition, (Wile); scientific calculator, and some basic drafting materials
Costs and payment information:  Tuition $520/year + $30 lab fee.  Tuition may be paid in 8 monthly installments of $65.
Class size:  min of 5, max of 10.
Teacher(s) and contact information:   Sam Wallin
Instructor: Eileen Rife
Location : North Roanoke Baptist (to be confirmed)
Time: 1:30 – 3:00, once a week, beginning Wednesday, August 20 (day to be confirmed)
Cost : $240 per semester (includes $40 deposit at time of registration) Age: 13 and up
First semester focus : Writing skills, various types of articles (i.e. humorous, how-to, personality profile based on an interview, expository, devotional, and seasonal), essays in prep for SAT, debate, and research paper with speech. Grammar is treated within the context of writing.
Second semester focus : Short stories, drama, poetry, research paper with speech, debate, critical book review based on a classic, exposure to publishing companies
Materials:  three-ring binder, pen
NOTE: Online instruction is available for those who cannot attend the physical class.
Contact:  Eileen @  (540) 265-0966   or email  eileenrife@yahoo.com
Contact: Wendy Grimshaw
Contact Info: wwgrimshaw@yahoo.com
Description:  Relate math skills and concepts to real-world situations with hands-on problem solving and modeling activities.  Grade-level appropriate topics will address Numbers and Operations, Measurement, Geometry, and Probability and Statistics.  Lab supplies included.
Meeting Place: Willow Creek Farm, Botetourt County
Meeting Days: TBA–2 hours, once a week (by age group-6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13) for ~15 weeks (Part I-Fall, Part II-Spring)
Cost: TBA (~$15-20 per class meeting)
Contact: Wendy Grimshaw
Contact Info: wwgrimshaw@yahoo.com
Description: Relate algebraic skills and concepts to real-world situations with hands-on, problem solving and modeling activities. Topics will include: equations, inequalities, functions, polynomials, quadratic functions, and radical and rational expressions.
Meeting Place: Willow Creek Farm, Botetourt County
Meeting Days: TBA– 2 hours, once a week for ~15 weeks (Part I-Fall, Part II-Spring)
Cost: TBA (~$15-20 per class meeting)
Contact: Wendy Grimshaw
Contact Info: wwgrimshaw@yahoo.com
Description: Science exploration with an interdisciplinary approach will relate skills and concepts to farming and other real-world activities.  General Science (suggested ages 6-7), Earth Science (8-9), Life Science (10-11), Physical Science (12-13), Biotechnology (14-16), and Wind Energy (14-16).  Science tools, lab supplies, and student-engineered projects included.
Meeting Place: Willow Creek Farm, Botetourt County
Meeting Days: TBA-2 hours, once a week for ~15 weeks (Part I-Fall, Part II-Spring)
Cost: TBA ~($15-20 per class meeting)
This class will cover the basics of music theory, including chord structure and compositional technique, ear training and sight reading skills.  Theory/composition will be explored by creative writing in each style.  Prerequisite:  Basic music reading skills; these can be reviewed at the beginning of the semester according to students’ needs.
Schedule:  Tuesday afternoons,  TIME TBA  (1 hour for 12 weeks)  LOCATION Cave Spring Baptist Church (tentative)
COST  $75.00 for one class; $120 if classes are taken together.
Contact :  Sue Munson  540 314 5723   susamun@cox.net
This class will be a brief overview of western music from Gregorian chant to the present day.  Sacred, classical, and some secular music will be explored with the goal of understanding the development of the music from early music to the present day, the role of music in worship and in popular culture will be addressed.
Tuesday   afternoons, Time TBA but in conjunction with the above class.  ( 1 hour for 12 weeks)
COST:  $75.00 for one class, $120 for both classes if taken together.
Fall classes (drawing or painting) will begin the week of August 24. Jason will be teaching on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1:00 till 6:00pm. For a detailed schedule of classes, please see our website. http://fizerart.com/Curriculum.html  If you don’t see a time that works for you, please let me know. Feel free to email ( fizerart@yahoo.com ), call, or text about what time you’d like. (355-9715)
We’re happy to continue to offer the Chris Jamison Scholarship! Lynn Yates is providing the tuition for one student for one semester in memory of her father, Chris Jamison. This scholarship is part need-based and part merit-based. You can find an application on our website: www.fizerart.com/Scholarship   Completed applications are due by August 17 for the Fall semester.
Jason is also offering a Free Class for Potential Students on Saturday, May 16. This is a great opportunity for you to try out art classes and see if it’s a fit for you. (This is limited only to those who haven’t already joined us for a free class.) Registration is required. You can email (fizerart@yahoo.com ) or call 761-2404. All materials will be provided. Classes will be grouped by age.
Bent Mountain Christian Academy is offering the following classes for the 2015-2016 school term at 2226 Colonial Ave., Roanoke
(at Calvary Memorial Church)
Our classes are based on our full-time students, plus the interest for part-time enrollment from the home school community, as we can find teacher availability and enough students to constitute a class.  Some of our classes are multi-ages, and have multi-level subjects within the same class. Options of full-time or part-time per class or  per day/days.
The schedule will be available in June or July based on response.  Enrollment is limited.
Academic class days:  Monday and Thursday, or Wednesday and Friday.
Classes that may be offered, if enough interest, are indicated by an asterick (*).
Electives days/field trips:  Tuesdays.  Electives are determined by availability of the instructors and interest.  Field trips are usually based on classroom academic topics.   Require some parental transport/car pooling.
Bible  and P.E.  Classes taught daily.
History (Bob Jones University Press -World History and Geography  K-11th/American History and Geography  11th/U.S. Government and Economics  12th/Math: K through Algebra 2/
Science K- 2nd, 3rd-6th/  Life Science 7th/Physical Science 8th-9th/ Space and Earth Science 8th-9th/ Biology/Chemistry/Physics/ Reading Any age: Reading levels K-7th- Reading is taught with phonics orientation/ Oral reading/Phonics for reading levels K and up/Oral Reading Recitation Grades 3rd-high school/Literature  grades 6th – 12th/
Grammar and Writing 2nd – High School /
Spelling  Grades 1- 6/ Handwriting- Cursive is taught to all students beginning in the 2nd – 12th/ Printing taught K-2nd/Electives /Field Trips: Tuesdays/ Some electives for all grade levels.
For more information, please contact Mrs. Sanburn 793-4860, or Karen Scott 494-8356.

Foundations: Foundations is a 24 week, Grammar-stage program for children 4-12 and their parents. Tutors lead a weekly class using creative games, singing and lots of enthusiasm. It is a fun time that is filled with large amounts of information from a variety of academic subjects. The students learn facts (knowledge pegs) that they will use in higher learning. The program covers history, science, English, Latin, Geography, Math facts, and timeline. Also the student participates weekly in public speaking, science experiments, and either an art or music activity. Families can bring their packed lunch and enjoy a time of fellowship while the kids play. At home, the parents review the memory work daily and study more about the topics they find interesting. Families choose a complete math curriculum and phonics/reading program that suits their needs.
Cost: Tuition: $335/year
Registration fee: $85 for first child $55 for each additional child
Art and supply fee: $50
Facility Fee- please see your director
Essentials: Essentials is a two- hour afternoon class designed to prepare fourth- through sixth grade students for the Challenge program. Language structure and analysis, writing structure and style and arithmetic speed and accuracy are the essential components for this 24 week program
Cost: Tuition $335
Registration: $ 85 for first child $55 for each additional child
Supply fee: $20
Facility Fee-please see your director
Challenge Programs:
Hiring – contact Laura Griffith lgriffith@classicalconversations.com
Challenge A introduces middle school students to the rigorous course work of the Challenge program. Subjects include Nature study, Latin, Creative Writing/ Literature, Clear Reasoning, Geography and Saxon 8/7. This weekly program is tutor led and bridges the gap between the parent/ tutor directed grammar level to the more self- directed stage of learning. This is a 30 week program
Cost: Tuition $1400/ year
Registration $125
Lab Fees – up to $50 please see your director
Facility Fee- please see your director
Challenge B continues the development of grammar, exposition, debate, research, rhetoric and logic skills, making the program challenging and academically rewarding. This program encourages students to stretch themselves and excel in academics as well as the classical skills of debate and logic. This is a 30 week program
Cost: Tuition $1400/ year
Registration $125
Lab Fees – up to $50 please see your director
Facility Fee- please see your director
Challenge 1 encourages the student’s critical thinking skills while their writing and research skills are sharpened. The student’s classical learning skills are exercised through American literature, the study of American government and its economic systems and policies, philosophy, Latin, physical science, algebra, free market economics, and Shakespeare. This class is characterized by its classical, Christian approach that seeks to bring glory to God.
This class meets once a week and lasts for 30 weeks.
Cost: Tuition $1400/year
Registration: $ 125
Lab/Supply Fees: up to $50 please see your director
Facility Fee: please see your director
Three different Communities are in our area offering classes on different day.
Classical Conversations of the Roanoke Mondays
Place: Church of the Holy Spirit, Roanoke
Time: Monday
Foundations: 9:15 am – 12:00 pm 24 week program
Essential: 1 pm- 3 pm 24 week program
Director Stacy Lam,   lam342fam@gmail.com
Classical Conversations of Roanoke Tuesdays
Place: Grace Church, Roanoke
Time: Tuesdays
Foundations: 9:15 am-12 pm 24 week program
Essentials:: 1 pm- 3:00 pm 24 week program
Director: Jendra Clark,  jclarkcrew5@ yahoo.com  540-598-0543
Classical Conversations of Botetourt
Place: Rainbow Forest Church, Troutville
Time: Thursdays
Foundations: 9:15 am-12 pm 24 week program
Essentials : 1 pm-3 pm 24 week program
Director:  Colleen Knox, colleengknox@ yahoo.com540-966-0663
Challenge A: 8:30 am- 3:00 pm 30 week
Director: Jessica Onesty,  jess.onesty@comcast.net  540-798-6739
Challenge B: 8:30 am- 3:00 pm 30 week
Director: Donna Brinkman, donnalynnbrinkman@ gmail.com757-573-8921
Challenge I: 8:30 am- 3:00 pm 30 week
I offer individualized reading and spelling tutoring for all age students
using multi-sensory Orton- Gillingham methods and best practices for teaching reading and spelling. Reading and spelling that works!
Instructor: Renee Campbell
Homeschool mom with a degree in Special Education and certified in Orton Gillingham Reading
Contact: 890-2633
Faith Alliance Church on Barrens Road on Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 p.m. Georgia Weiman directs. Cost is $25 per student per semester. We have two concerts together with Senior Singing School–one at Christmastime, and one in the spring.  Students learn pitch-matching, two part harmony, and traditional as well as folk, Christian, and patriotic pieces. Contact Georgia Weiman 563-4386 for more information.
Senior Singing School is for any homeschool student ages 13-18. We hold our class at North Roanoke Baptist Church on Peters Creek Road on Thursdays from 3:00-4:30 p.m.  Cost is $25 per student per semester.  We have two concerts–one at Christmastime, and one in the spring. The choir learns pitch matching, four-part harmony, group singing, and a variety of traditional, gospel, folk, patriotic and Christian pieces. Contact Amye Shannon for further information at 3803877 or jandamed@aol.com .
Conqueror’s sport is a Christ centered level of competition for those who want to improve their skill and level of play over recreation ball.  Our competition is mainly  private Christian schools in the area. Conq’s sports does require a bigger level of commitment then recreation, as the schools we play against usually practice 5 nights a week.  We practice 4 nights a week, but no Wednesday nights!  We offer boys and girls programs in basketball, and soccer, as well as girls volleyball teams.  Ages include middle school through varsity students.  We belong to the Virginia Association of Christian Athletes (VACA) league.
Our teams have done well through the years, with two state championships in boys basketball.  The boy’s and girl’s soccer teams are yearly fixtures in our league Regional (VACA) and the VA state semi- finals.  The volleyball team is very competitive as well.
Our focus is playing for the Glory of God.  It is possible to play hard, win, and do it in a Christian manner.  We learn life lessons on and off the field, and the quality of the parents and kids make playing  enjoyable.  It is hard work, and takes commitment, but the kids really do enjoy being together!
You can check us out at  http://svconqs.org/
This is a recreation league for home school students. All sports are based on having enough children to play. If you would like to be notified of signups for any of the following sports then send an email to rvhr@cox.net and asked to be placed on the mailing list.
Sports Seasons
2015 Spring Soccer:
March 23, 2015-May 15, 2015
2015 Fall Soccer:
August 24, 2015 – October 16, 2015
2016 Winter Basketball:
January 2, 2016 -March 5, 2016
Roanoke Valley Homeschool Recreation
PO Box 7935 Roanoke, VA 24019
Questions or comments on this Class, Co-op and Activity listing should be sent togrhemsg@gmail.com 

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